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        Fostering client communication, establishing client expectations, giving direction to clients, and efficient and cost effective case management are all important to me.


        Fostering client communication.

        Email helps with this tremendously and reduces time and expense needed to communicate.  It helps to reduce misunderstandings and can be more convenient for you and myself when available.  I keep you informed of ongoing progress with your case.  It is important that you are informed on an ongoing basis.


        Advice and Direction.

        I will present you with the available options in your case and offer advice and direction as to which option is best and explain why.  I am somewhat directive in this regard, but that is only after establishing your priorities.  My job is to meet your objectives in as cost effective a manner as possible.


        Establishing Client Expectations.

        I begin each new client relationship with an engagement letter.  This sets forth the specific matters being handled by me as well as the payment arrangement.  I try, when I can, to estimate the time and money a matter will take to conclude.  Sometimes that is difficult with litigation.  In the case of many matters, I will be able to relatively accurately predict the course of the engagement and will outline this for you in the beginning of the engagement once the facts of the case have been established.




        Case Management.

        In trying  to meet your objectives as efficiently and cost effectively as possible, if a case calls for settlement because of weaknesses, I will strongly suggest that.  I do not want to see a client spend money on litigation for the sole purpose of recouping costs of litigation.  There has to be a clear benefit to litigate.  I have a broad familiarity with the Harrisburg legal community, and can often forecast how a case might proceed, estimating costs and time involved, while considering the personalities of opposing counsel.   This helps navigate the best course for you.

        The automation of my practice over the years reduces the amount of time it takes to create documents.  This helps reduce the hours required for the matter and makes it more cost effective for all parties.






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