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        My grandfather, Lewis F. (Lew) Adler, a graduate of Dickinson School of Law, started the law firm in 1933.  In 1957 he moved the law firm to 125 Locust Street, Harrisburg, PA, with his partner David S. Kohn, where it remained for the next 54 years.  That location was the first public library in Harrisburg, and still has some of the original ironwork within its walls.  My father, Louis J. (Larry) Adler, joined his father in the practice in 1959 after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania Law School.  My grandfather did work for the Pennsylvania State Education Association, and both he and my father handled many matters for what was then First Federal Savings and Loan Association on Second Street in Harrisburg.  The focus of the practice at the time was real estate, estate work, small business counseling, litigation and family law.

        Other attorneys partnered with my father and grandfather over the years, namely Robert Claraval, Timothy Nicholson, Stuart Magdule, and Richard Jameson.  I joined the firm after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law in 1983.  My grandfather was still practicing at the time.  One of my prominent memories from that period involved my grandfather taking me to visit a client of his.  She was elderly, suffering from macular degeneration and was living at home.   He visited her on a regular basis to review mail and bills.  When my grandfather could no longer do this, I took over this role, and then, once this client could no longer see, coordinated care for her at home 24/7 for the next 13 years.  My practice has seemed to more closely follow that of my grandfatherís, focusing on the areas of elder law/care, estate planning and administration.   Even our volunteer work followed similar paths in that he helped start the Jewish Home of Greater Harrisburg, and I have served on its Board of Directors since 1985 and currently serve as its Board President.  My fatherís practice was more focused on real estate and family law.  I had done title searching for him in high school, and real estate became another area of practice for me.

        In 1985 with the full support of my father although he never used one personally, I introduced word processors to the office.  Technology has remained a focus of mine to promote the efficiency of the office. 

        In 1994, my brother, Craig, joined the firm, having graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and having practiced with the Philadelphia law firm of Fox Rothchild in the real estate department.  Craig followed our fatherís footsteps more closely in that he worked primarily with real estate and title insurance.  My father died suddenly in 1999 at the age of 65, and my brother and I took over the firm as Adler & Adler.

In 2010, Craig went to join Capozzi & Associates and I moved my office to its current location at Devonshire Road.




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